Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Nutrition Lab?

Functional Nutrition Lab is a school that offers in-depth Functional Nutrition training for health providers of all levels. Full Body Systems, our nutrition immersion program skillfully blends the art of practice with the science of nutrition. Functional Nutrition Lab was created by Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama to help coaches and practitioners achieve the same clinical and business success that she has had. The curriculum is designed to give you all the skills you need to help anyone, no matter their signs, symptoms, or diagnosis.


Who is Functional Nutrition Lab for?

Functional Nutrition Lab is for you if…

  • you are looking to increase client compliance so that your work as a practitioner helps more people
  • you want to grow your business by referral (doing great work will get people talking!)
  • you are either a professional who has a wealth of information but hasn’t been taught the art of working with people, OR you are a coach with great people skills who hasn’t been taught the nitty-gritty of physiology (this is the only program that combines both!)
  • you are looking for an in-depth Functional Nutrition program with 100% support and mentorship
  • you want to feel more confident helping clients with complicated health challenges and complex nutrition concerns
  • you know (or suspect) one-size-fits-all protocols don’t work, and you know (or suspect) one-size-fits-all protocols don’t work, and you want advanced training in individualized patient and client care
  • you are craving an intelligent community who is passionate about health and wellness and likes to geek out on getting great results, just like you

We have students that are healthcare providers of all levels: nutritionists, health coaches, MDs, acupuncturists, chiropractors, RDs, NP’s, RNs, PAs, students, and aspiring nutrition counselors ....there are no prerequisites to starting your deep dive into Functional Nutrition with FNL.

However, the coursework is not intended for the patient to work on their own health issues. Some prior professional training or interest working as a nutrition counselor is recommended to get the most out of the program.


How does Functional Nutrition Lab differ from other schools?

Functional Nutrition Lab differs from other Functional Medicine and nutrition trainings in several ways. In many other trainings, there’s a focus on the theoretical. What Andrea is able to do, after working with hundreds of clients and thousands of class participants, is translate the theoretical into the practical. She wants you to have the clinical and business success that she has had, so she teaches you how to implement your knowledge to truly help people get well.

FNL is the only training program that teaches the following 4 key skills in building a thriving Functional Nutrition practice:

1. The art of connection: Learn how to create rapport and connection with your client, how to ask the right questions to find the root cause of their health issues, and tap into their motivations. Both your client compliance and clinical success will skyrocket.

2. In-depth anatomy and physiology through the lens of food and nutrition: How does food meet physiology? Food meets physiology differently in each of us because none of us are the same as any other. FNL teaches you to see what others cannot see—what’s going on in the unique body of your particular client.

3. Integrating your client’s unique physiology into their healing protocol: How to take the knowledge gained about the unique physiology of your client, along with his/her unique motivations (learned from the art of connection), to create individualized nutrition plans for your clients and patients that they will actually follow.

4. How to gain the respect of your client’s medical team: Work in tandem with physicians and other medical professionals, and become a true partner and advocate for your client.

Above all else, the support and mentorship provided by Andrea and her team are one of a kind. They guide you through case studies and answer your toughest questions so you can practice with confidence.


What is Full Body Systems?

Full Body Systems is our nutrition immersion program, and it's the only training program that teaches you both the art and science of the Functional Nutrition practice. To truly practice Functional nutrition, you need to know about all of the body systems, how they work together, and how to get at the heart of what's going on for each of your clients. Full Body Systems gives you an in-depth understanding of 7 key body systems (digestive, immune, urinary, cardiometabolic, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive,) so you have the information you need to help clients and patients with complex issues in any part of their body.

Every Intensive covers the anatomy, function, and physiology of that system as well as its interconnections with the other systems and the pivotal place where food meets physiology. This course is oriented specifically toward practitioners, and includes Done-For-You protocols highlighting Andrea’s favorites from her years in practice, a dedicated Message Board inclusive of daily support from Andrea and her team, in addition to the weekly trainings that are all recorded (and transcribed!) for your ease of participation. Functional Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems will empower you to create lasting results for your clients, boost your confidence, and transform your practice!


Can I participate if I live outside the United States?

Absolutely! You can participate in Full Body Systems from anywhere in the world. We’ve had attendees from Hong Kong to Mexico to Switzerland and in over 63 countries to date. Wherever you are, we have a place for you in class! All you need is a good internet connection.


I don't have a science background. Will I be able to keep up?

A background in science is not needed to participate in Full Body Systems. FBS has been completed by practitioners at various stages, from those just completing health coaching school who have little-to-no science background, to those with nursing, acupuncture, or medical degrees.

Andrea has a way of teaching that allows both novice and professional to participate. She’s an expert at breaking down the hard-to-understand information so that you can actually comprehend what you might have previously found out of reach and expand upon what you may already know in ways that you have not contemplated.

The truth is, Andrea struggled with science all through high school and never took another course until she needed it for her nutrition practice. Once it had a purpose, it all made sense. She’s the one to put it into context so it can make sense for you.


What is the format of the classes?

The online classes (audio only) are each 90 minutes long. During class, Andrea teaches, shows videos, shares diagrams and illustrations custom-made for her teachings, and asks questions of the students that can be answered on the message board. She also provides quizzes so that you can test your knowledge at incremental points throughout the course. You can listen at any time and the Message Board is available 24-7.

Each intensive also includes two live 60-minute workshop sessions where you'll meet with 1-2 of your peers in our virtual classroom to practice what you're learning in class, and two 60-minutes live Q&A sessions with a staff Nutritionist.


Will we receive handouts or materials, in addition to the audio classes and recordings?


Each Intensive delivers comprehensive print materials including:

  • Diagrams, illustrations, articles, videos and quizzes to support your understanding of the system and where imbalances may occur
  • Done-for-You Protocols based on Andrea's clinical experience with hundreds of clients and thousands of course participants to guide your nutritional approaches with clients with the particular health concerns that you will see most
  • Course transcripts so you don’t have to take feverish notes during class
  • Glossary of important terms so that you can communicate with health and medical colleagues with ease
  • 'What's on My Shelf' — a bibliography of Andrea's favorite go-to books on digestive health
  • There’s also a library of Guest Health & Medical Expert interviews Andrea has conducted with her colleagues, stand-out stars in the field of healthcare, to support the conversations in class

What type of support and mentorship will I receive from Andrea and her team?

Andrea and her team are available on the Message Board to answer any and all questions you might have regarding class material and client cases. You are not alone. We take great care in answering your questions about both the art and science of Functional Nutrition, and we provide support for the entire program and beyond. You can return to the Message Board to search for information at any time, even when you’re no longer a student. Many students consider the Functional Nutrition Lab Message Board their ‘Google’ for all things health and nutrition.

In addition to the Message Board, each Intensive includes a two 60-minute Q&A calls with two staff Nutritionists (‘Study Hall’) and one 2-hour Q&A call with Andrea (‘Power Hours’).


Will I receive a certification upon completion of Full Body Systems?

  • As a graduate of FBS, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, CEUs (if you’re in a licensing body that requires and acknowledges our CEUs), and the FBS badge to use on your website or marketing materials.
  • By completing FBS, you can earn up to 60 category 1 continuing education units with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) by passing an online test at the completion of class.
  • As a next step after Full Body Systems, we offer a certification program for people who want to take their practice to the next level. Upon completion of Full Body Systems, you’ll be eligible to apply for admission into that program to become a Certified Functional Nutritionist and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP). (Note: FNLP is a separate program available only to FBS graduates who apply and are accepted to the program.)

Will I receive continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion of Full Body Systems?

By completing FBS, you can earn up to 60 category 1 continuing education units with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) by passing an online test at the completion of class.


Will I be able to start practicing after completing Full Body Systems?

  • Functional Nutrition Lab is not a licensing body, and licensing laws vary by state and country. If you can legally practice as a health coach or other health practitioner, Full Body Systems is the best next step for learning how to practice confidently and effectively. Andrea is a stand for putting this information into practice because she knows the best practitioners are created that way. We encourage you to get started, even if it’s just one test client.
  • We continue to see graduates of Full Body Systems create successful practices based on what they’ve learned here. FBS has given them the tools and the confidence to fulfill their dreams of really helping people.

And if you're located in the United States, here's a resource that will help you figure out the laws where you live.


Will I be able to read, analyze or order labs upon completion of Full Body Systems?

While we do discuss various types of assessments that may be utilized in practice in Full Body Systems, Andrea’s focus is more on arming each practitioner—no matter their scope of practice—with the skills and understanding to approach each case with an investigative eye.

With this deeper understanding of how to practice, clinicians know which lab assessments might be necessary and when they can be avoided (to best support a client’s budget). They also fully grasp the role of labs among other assessments such as signs, symptoms and a detailed client history.

Andrea has found that many practitioners feel that without a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the body, that it’s challenging to apply practices of Functional testing in practice with integrity and follow-through. Testing options can fall short if clinicians are unable to identify and address the root of a client’s symptoms, motivate them to make changes, or answer tough questions because of a lack of understanding of anatomy, function and physiology in the context of holistic health and nutrition.


Will Full Body Systems help me grow my business?

Full Body Systems has been the pivotal training for many practitioners who want to grow their nutrition businesses. Upon completion of this nutrition immersion program, you will have both the clinical and people skills to grow your business by referral.

People want to get better, and when you’re able to solve cases that others found unsolvable, the referrals will likely begin to pour in.

Full Body Systems is not a business program per se, but we teach practitioners to grow their business the old fashioned way: by doing great work that gets people talking.

This training will help you build a thriving business—one where your clients become raving fans and you become known as the go-to practitioner.

Watch the video of the Full Body Systems Graduate Success Panel where two stellar Full Body Systems graduates and Andrea discuss the trajectory of their holistic health practice over the last year.


What is Andrea's background and training?

Andrea’s road to understanding the power of nutrition began with a personal tragedy. Her young husband, Isamu, was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor when Andrea was newly pregnant with their only child.

Isamu was given only 6 months to live. Unwilling to simply watch her husband die, Andrea began diligently researching the power of integrative practices, including nutrition. Her fast-growing and targeted understanding of healing foods helped prolong his life (2 years past his prognosis!), increased the quality of his days, and gave him an opportunity to know their son, Gilbert.

After Isamu’s passing, Andrea knew she had a new purpose in life... to change the way we do healthcare. She quit her job in book publishing to pursue practicing Functional Nutrition, both as a career and a mission.

Functional Nutrition Lab was created for those of you who want to follow in Andrea’s footsteps. When Andrea hung her shingle as a practitioner in 2009, she was astounded by how quickly her practice grew. She went from having a small solo practice to having a waiting list to running a virtual wellness center where she had to hire additional nutritionists. She even helped the most desperate people with the toughest cases including autoimmune issues such as Crohn’s Disease, Hashimoto’s and MS, as well as those with cancer and undiagnosed health challenges that other practitioners could not resolve.

When she spoke with her colleagues, she realized that she was having exponentially greater success than others who had the same tools and the same educational background as she had.

To help others have the same success that she’s had, Andrea created Functional Nutrition Lab and its nutrition immersion program—Full Body Systems—to teach practitioners how to practice TRUE root-cause and Functional Nutrition, and to develop a practice that naturally scales based on the great results that they are getting with their clients.

Andrea's education includes the following:

  • Certified Nutrition Educator (CNE) and Certified Nutrition Counselor (CNC)
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC)
  • Masters of Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine
  • Select Institute of Functional Medicine training programs and modules
  • Continuing education in areas of specialty such as thyroid disorder, autoimmunity, and Functional lab diagnostics

Andrea is the very first Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) and has created the certifying body for this credential.

Accolades of Note:
Andrea was the winner of the 2015 National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP Impact award and the 2016 NANP Service Award for her leadership in the field of nutrition. She has been featured in Oprah's O Magazine, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, has made regular contributions to The Epoch Times, Experience Life Magazine, and numerous online conferences including Sean Croxton’s Second Opinion Series, where she is a crowd favorite. She was also a co-producer of the Hashimoto's Institute Summit and practitioner training program.

Andrea is now regularly consulted as the nutrition expert on the medical teams for the toughest clinical cases in the practices of world-renowned doctors.


Are there any payment options?

Please connect with an Admissions Advisor here to discuss payment options.


What is the return policy?

You may withdraw from the Full Body Systems course for any reason within 21 days of class starting, and request a full refund of the course tuition already paid. See the refund policy for more details.


How much time will the program take?

Each weekly class is 90-minutes. There are some added bonus sessions that are optional but recommended to help boost your confidence and comprehension.

Plan on a minimal time investment of 90 min/week, but to get the most out of the program we estimate a 3 hr/week commitment with the option of investing additional time for deeper learnings.


  • Class = 90 min once a week (most essential piece—the rest is really optional to take your learning further)
  • Workshop = 60 minutes twice per month
  • Q+A with Andrea = 120 minutes once a month
  • Q&A with staff Nutritionists = 60 minutes twice per month
  • Message Board = flexible, but a valuable piece that many students budget time for. Interact with Andrea and her team. Your access is ongoing (even after the Message Board closes to new posts, you’ll have read-only access).
  • Bonus Sessions = 60-90 minutes per week

Is there time for Q&A?

Three times a month there are chances to ask questions in live sessions either with Andrea or with her Nutrition Team. Yet your best opportunity for Q+A is on the dedicated Functional Nutrition Lab Message Board, where you can ask questions any time they arise, and have the support of other practitioners in the community as well as Andrea and the rest of her Nutrition Team. Andrea is on the Message Board nearly every day during the live Intensives.


How long will I have access to the course materials?

You have lifetime access to materials!


Will I receive support if I have questions between classes?

You bet! Full Body Systems includes an active Message Board monitored by Andrea and her Nutrition Team. It’s a place where you can ask questions and connect with both Andrea and the rest of your FBS community.


Have additional questions?

Our team of Admissions Advisors are available to speak with you and answer all the questions you have about your unique situation. You may schedule a chat with them here.

Or, please email us at


Module 1: Digestive Intensive
Module 2: Immune Intensive
Module 3: Urinary Intensive
Module 4: Cardiometabolic Intensive
Module 5: Endocrine Intensive
Module 6: Neuro Intensive
Module 7: Reproductive Intensive

Each Intensive includes:

  • 4 recorded classes with Andrea (90 minutes each)
  • 2 live Q&A with staff Nutritionists (60 minutes)
  • 1 live Q&A with Andrea (2 hours)
  • 2 live workshop sessions to practice what you learn in class (60 minutes each)
  • Bonus Expert Interviews
  • Other bonus audio classes and handouts

Note: The Cardio Intensive is structured as a self-study month and does not follow the above format.

Have additional questions that aren't answered here? Schedule a time to chat with an Admission's Advisor.