Future-proof your career in healthcare. Learn nutrition from the master.

The field of nutrition is exploding.

People are beginning to wake up to the truth that diet and lifestyle MATTER.

You know you can make a difference in the lives of the ever-growing population of people who just aren’t getting better.

And you know working in the field of diet and lifestyle modification is where you can make the biggest impact.

But how do you become the impactful practitioner you want to be?

And who can you trust to learn from?

Functional Nutritionist and educator Andrea Nakayama is a pioneer and thought-leader in this ever-expanding field.

She began her journey into the powers of food as medicine during her young husband’s battle with a brain tumor. Now she's regularly consulted as the nutrition expert for the toughest clinical cases in the practices of many world-renowned doctors, and trains a thousand practitioners each year in her methodologies at Functional Nutrition Lab.

Andrea will take you into an entirely new realm of nutrition, where you’ll have the tools and systems you need to help the people you’re eager to help.

Learn to master nutrition from the master herself!

In O Magazine, Andrea’s clinic was called "the best, last stop for a lot of desperate people," and her process begins with the steps she reveals in Functional Nutrition 101.

Andrea’s tools are by far the best I’ve seen. I pull out my copy of Functional Nutrition 101 whenever I sit down with anyone, and I ask the questions she’s outlined. And I haven’t seen anything better than her Intake Form!

~Alida Wagner, RN

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist, Founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance and Functional Nutrition Lab

success came unexpectedly fast

I hung my shingle as a practitioner in 2009 and, to be honest, I was astounded by how quickly my practice grew. I had a wait list before I knew it and soon had to hire additional nutritionists to work with the influx of clients. I went from having a small solo practice to running a virtual wellness center, and I was helping even the most desperate people with the toughest cases including autoimmune issues such as Crohn’s Disease, Hashimoto’s and MS, as well as those with cancer and undiagnosed health challenges that other practitioners could not resolve.

When I spoke with my colleagues, I realized that I was having exponentially greater success than many of the practitioners who had the same tools and the same educational background as I had.

why was I succeeding while others were struggling?

I wanted to help my fellow colleagues thrive in practice, so I went on a mini-mission to figure out why my practice was so different, and what set me apart...

...what I discovered was that from the very first visit I used a specific framework that allowed me to uncover the secrets of what’s really going on inside the body of each of my clients. This framework empowered me to create solutions that helped my patients kick the health habits that weren’t serving them and reverse the toughest chronic diseases.

Patients who walked in feeling hopeless turned to feeling empowered and hopeful in the very first visit.

The tool I used to create this success will inspire you to learn to get to the root cause of illness, understand the secrets to client compliance, and ultimately how to build a more successful practice by helping more people get better faster.

take the first step!

The first step that gets great results from day 1 is laid out for you in this easy-to-read ebook. It’s this first pillar that’s the foundation upon which all the rest are built.

In my investigation I found that it was this first pillar that most practitioners lacked.

By purchasing this easy-to-read ebook, you will be taking the first step towards true mastery of functional nutrition.

grab your copy now and you’ll receive:
  • The 5 questions you need to get to the heart of the matter and find solutions for your clients
  • My top tips on how to get even the toughest clients to comply with your recommendations
  • The single mindset shift you need to be able to find the root causes of your client’s issues, (even if you’ve never heard of their diagnosis!)
  • My favorite diagnostic tools, that you can use no matter your scope of practice
  • My very own Client Intake Form that will give you the information you need, while positioning you as the expert from the very first session. (This is what my Nutrition Team and I use every day to work with even the most complex cases!)

I’ve been told that I should charge an arm and a leg for this. (I mean, I am giving you my personal process and my intake form!)

Some of my colleagues have valued these resources at $120.

But no, I’m not going to charge an arm, a leg, or even a freckle. The tools that have led me to my success are yours for only $7.

I want to upgrade my Practice

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Why am I charging so little?

My mission is to change the way we do healthcare. Not me. WE.

This movement needs you.

We need you to be massively successful with all of your clients, this is how we win!

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Learn the keys to unlocking the root cause of disease that aren’t taught anywhere else.

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P.S. Learning to ask the right questions and uncover what’s really going on in there will change your game forever.

P.P.S. I stand by my work. If you don’t feel, for any reason, as though Functional Nutrition 101 is worth your $7, please contact support@fxnutrition.com within 24 hours after purchase for a full refund.